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We point to the potentials within your production areas and support you to exploit these – even without large investments.
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lean_entwicklung-01LEAN Development
Transparent product and process architectures, which are compatible with each other, increase the development efficiency.
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LEAN Project Management
We provide you with tools, methods and a lot of experience to let you carry out your projects effectively and efficiently.
LEAN Project management | PMT plus (Project management tool)
LEAN Energy & Ressources
Particularly in the case of variable costs – they account for around 10% – there are large potentials to exploit. We identify them with you.
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LEAN Administration
We ensure to avoid unnecessary loops within your order processing so that you save time and money.
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 LEAN Procurement
The purpose of a lean procurement is to analyze and negotiate the prices of purchased parts. It also includes to design processes and the product in a lean manner.
Purchasing Excellence | Supplier Cooperation