LEAN Administration


Lean Office? Yes, we can! Whether quoting, order processing, production control or human resources, there is potential dozing in our offices. Raise it with us. In the field of Lean Administration, we offer the following products:


Value Stream Analysis Administration

Our LEAN methods for the administrative area are accustomed practical and make sure your expectations lead to smart solutions.


Example – Mailing efficiency

The larger the daily e-mail flood, the more important is an efficient handling. This is possible with a companywide mailing standard.

Current State

  • Inbox overflowing and confusing
  • No prioritization
  • Anticipated response partially unclear
  • High time expenditure
  • Slow reaction times


Future State

  • Add-On for Outlook
  • Classification ofe-mailby the sender (task, decision, question, information, ect.)
  • Fast prioritization by the recipient
  • Short reaction time