5S Administration


The 5S method applied in offices is the first step of implementation during a value stream analysis and works as a starting point for lean administration. Providing the initial trigger, most appropriate supported and accompanied by management, we usually introduce 5S in a pilot area. The comprehensive implementation of 5S starts from this point. The chosen workplace is optimized and processes, forms and information systems are standardized.

It is an objective of the 5S method to turn the pilot workplace into an „item on display“, operation in a value added mode without searching and waiting times and multiple queries.

Content / Structure

  • Team composition and determination of the pilot area for the initial 5S workshop. Target
    group: staff members of administration
  • Practicality oriented training for all participants (5S Game and 5S Simulation)
  • Definition of objectives and performance indicators. Measurement of results, e.g.
    reduction of use of space, sorted out material
  • Execution of 5S-Workshop and implementation of immediate actions and /or recording
    of improvements in lists of activities
  • Designation of new standards for processes, rules, forms and information systems etc.
  • Review and Presentation of Results every 6 months to monitor and secure sustainability


What do you get on top of this?

The proprietary 5S-Kit and 5S Simulation Game enhance our practicality oriented training methods and guarantee a well accepted procedure.