CIP Administration


Over a long period CIP initiatives in the fields of production helped to generate an increase in competitiveness for various companies. Transparency, standardized processes and continuous measurable improvements in administration are not as common.

More and more companies are realizing that great potential is lying dormant in the indirect areas.

Providing the reduction of lead times in administration and the increase in responsiveness you need to beyond the often decisive competitive advantages in increasingly competitive markets.

Due to a structured and implementation-oriented approach U² will start an initial boost to your optimization measures in the administrative field, and will also equip your employees sustainably with the tools in order to drive continuous improvement in the office. The independent and creative usage of methods such as 5S and Poka-Yoke enables an increased process stability and the availability of staff capacity.

Content / Structure

  • Delimitation of the pilot sector and definition of the project targets
  • Structural analysis in the administration (organizational form, strategic orientation, responsibilities, costs)
  • Comprehensive analysis of potential (VSM Plus) and optimization of pilot areas (value stream mapping, 5S Office)
  • Adaption of adaptable Quick-Wins on other processes and areas
  • Implementation and standardization of the derived measures
  • Implementation of an internal expert-structure and structurized transfer for methods (trainings / workshops)
  • Establishment of performance measurement systems and optimization loops


What do you get on top of this?

Beside of the pragmatic administrative implementation skills in individual projects and analysis tools we offer your team the opportunity to live CIP in an independent way. That is possible through our certified and individual and combinable training courses.