Value Stream Analysisplus Administration


Value stream analysis helps to methodically visualize processes in administrative fields of activity. Potential for improvement still lies dormant in many of the administrative areas of companies across all sectors. When using value stream analysis, one aims to make transparent the chain of processes and identify, reduce or eliminate any obstructive waste alongside it. Waste can most commonly be found as interruptions or redundant loops and activities. Hereby capacity for value adding activities is being tied up. As results of the value stream analysis and the implementation of derived process improvements rapid order processing, flexible administrative processes and high delivery reliability can be expected.

Content / Structure

  • Definition of project targets; Team building and determination of the area to be analyzed; target group: staff members from administrative areas
  • Practice related training of all participants
  • Phase 1: Determination of are to be analyzed
    • Recording of structural data
    • Identification of suitable business processes
    • Data recording
  • Phase 2: Drawing the Current-State Map
    • Illustration of process steps and involved departments / functions
    • Linking processes using information flows
    • Calculation of throughput time, degree of flow and organizational efficiency
  • Phase 3: Analysis of Current-State Map
    • Identification of waste
    • Critical contemplation of processes
  • Phase 4: Design of Target-State Map
    • Application of design principles
    • Development of target state (Vision)
    • Development of implementation stages
  • Definition of specific improvement measures using documentation via activity lists
  • Cyclic review to discuss degree of implementation of measures and emerging problems
  • Definition of new standards, times and working routines including implementation into system landscape


What do you get on top of this?

  • Consistent procedures of VSA in direct and direct areas
  • U² Checklists and forms, which enable a structured and comparable procedure