LEAN Development


We set up your development processes to the market and customer needs, eliminate unnecessary loops and reduce the cycle time by at least 20%. For this we offer the following products:


Value Stream Analyses Development


Example – Frontloading at product development

Through the use of the “Frontloading” method loops and “fire-fighting operations” can be reduced, as well as the SOP (Start of Production) can be ensured.  

Current State

  • Many missed dead lines
  • Capacity constraints caused by “overdue” projects
  • “Fire Fighting”
  • Big amount of change iterations
  • High change effort
  • High service costs for your EDP system
  • Suboptimal quality of your workflows


  • 1

Future State

  • Frontloading
  • Shift ofcapacityuseto the beginningof the development process, thereafter”only” executionwithreduced capacity
  • Reduction ofchangeloops
  • High quality of your workflows
  • Reducingmaintenance and modificationexpenses(EDP)