Internal Transport Management


If we look at internal transportation in several companies, one could think that the logistic worker earn their money per kilometer and not per hour.

Unnecessary transports are waste! That’s the reason why we create the material handling for the consumer in the most efficient way – with a minimum of waste.

Therefore we work jointly together with your employees on several levers to reduce sustainably your logistic costs and missing parts.

Content / Structure

  • Transport organization e.g Milkrun
    • The target is to achieve an effective provision of the internal customer with a minimum of transportation effort.
  • Material trolleys and carriers
    • The right material trolley ensures a fast and safe storage and commissioning process.
  • Transport systems e.g. continuous handling equipment and ground conveyer
    • The right transportation system depends of the type and the package of the part. Also the distance and the weight play a major role. At the end, the optimal transportation system must be customized.
  • Rack systems e.g. flow racks with rolls
    • FIFO is a common customer’s request – but how can you guarantee this principle under operation conditions? The appropriate rack system will support at this point.
  • Marking and Visualization.
    • Is the area marked? Does visualization exists for the route map? Are the transportation routes indicated? Does the internal transport know where to deliver the full and where to pick the empty bin? We ensure transparent and smooth processes through marking and visualization.


What do you get on top of this?

Together with the worker and the management we create systematically optimized logistic processes without losing our pragmatism. We use methods which are proven and tested.