Supermarket / Order Picking


Are you still waiting for material or are you already in production?

Missing parts, extra deliveries and transparency must be avoided. The supermarket enables the provision of items in suitable containers, the right lot size in centralized or decentralized warehouses. Due to standardized carriers and scannable barcode labels, the picking performance has increased. Pick to light, -to vision or -to voice could be the turbo boost for your warehouse team.

Due to defined lot sizes counting, weighing or measuring will be reduced down to the minimum. Using the Kanban principle production requests will refer to the actual consumption. The provision of the required material is based on takted material delivery. Scheduled supply routes ensure the availabilty of the material to the consumers and facilitate the planning of the logistics staff.


After successful implementation, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Less missing parts
  • Increase in productivity, ergonomic improvement due to shorter walking- and ripping times for the worker and logistics staff
  • Gaining process quality through less assembly errors in the line
  • Improved efficiency and staff motivation
  • Efficient item supply due to single drive reduction
  • Increased transparency and reduced complexity in the material flow
  • Minimized space requirements for provided items within the line
  • WIP reduction
  • Avoidance of demanding peaks´
  • Clear item identification

Content / Structure

  • Analysis of product variance and the material flow
  • Selection of appropriate commissioning techniques
  • Defintion of a suitable supermarket (e.g. lot size, container, labels, identification system, shelves, supply)


What do you get on top of this?

The material flow will be analyzed by a team using value stream mapping. Working together with the management and the machine operators leads to a high acceptance and a fast implementation of the new supermarket principle.

Our partner company V² supports you in the selection and procurement of suitable materials for the realization of your supermarket or for the commissioning.