CIP / LEAN Production


Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)/LEAN Production is an improvement process, which requires the active cooperation of employees and a prompt implementation of measures. The creativity and the inventiveness of all involved persons are capitalized. The goal is to achieve continuous improvement and sustained motivation for change in the company – the prerequisite for lean operations in production and administration. 

Content / Structure

  • Team building and determination of the area to be analyzed; Target group: employees of the production and the related areas (process engineering, production scheduling & control, QM and logistics)
  • Practice related training of all participants e.g.. JIT simulation
  • Data collection, process analysis and description of the current state e.g. with support of Video Analysis, Spaghetti Diagram
  • Generation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to depict the effects of change in a before and after comparison
  • Identification of waste (non productive operations) within the process
  • Applying of creative solutions and suitable tools e.g. U² Balancing Tool, Kanban, Poka Yoke, 5S, SMED
  • Definition of improvement measures and integration into action point lists (due dates, responsible person, valuation of possible savings)
  • Periodical reviews in order to track the implementation level and to solve emerging problems
  • Determination of new standards, times, work-operations and translation into system environment
  • Valuation and visualization of the overall accomplishments based on KPIs and examples


What do you get on top of this?

  • Our partner A² Automation & Plant Technology supports the CIP/LEAN Production activities by developing intelligent, low-cost automated solutions
  • V² Advanced Development & Sales offers CIP/ Lean Production tools such as Kanban Kits and supports CIP in a quick development and supply of customized LEAN Equipment like setup and picking trolleys