Layout planning

produktion_anschnittDo you have problems with available space, or do you use efficiently the available space? Is your company really at the capacity limit? How would a layout look like, without all the waste? We will answer questions!

Through suitable methods and tools we check your production and logistic area in detail. In order to create together with you a lean layout, we will analyze the material flow from the receiving to production and assembly ending at shipment. The production and logistic devices will be placed according to the material and information flows. We can accomplish this by considering existing restrictions or on Greenfield.

Taking into consideration the material flow planning, the main advantages of a layout optimization are based on improved production capacity utilization, efficient order assignment as well as maximum equipment utilization. Measurable benefits are reduced transportation expenses, shorter through put times and a decreased inventory level. As a result you will receive a clearly structured material flow in production and logistics based on value stream and a layout designed to meet your future needs.

Content / Structure

  • Preliminary planning:
    • Analysis of product variants and if necessary grouping of them
    • Analysis of start of production and end of production processes (lot size scenarios)
    • Definition of targets and general requirements
  • Analysis and rough planning:
    • Accomplishment of value stream analysis
    • Creation of a transport matrix scheme (from/to)
    • Creation of Sankey diagram to visualize material flow relations
    • Visualization of layout alternatives
    • Definition of assessment criteria
    • Ranking of the different layout proposals
  • Detailed planning of layout ranked best
  • Support in accomplishment


What do you get on top of this?

While using the U² tool box we take a systematical approach – without losing our pragmatism. Close coordination with your team will increase acceptance and high implementation speed of the new concepts.