Shopfloor Management (SFM)


The term SFM represents an improved type of management on its way to a learning organization and can be applied to all areas of operation. SFM provides added value by offering methods which aims to improve the interaction of management and staff members. Employees are being supported adequately during problem solving and improvement processes.

A functioning SFM

  • secures sustainable implementation of the Lean processes,
  • leads to prompt and structured problem solving,
  • enables efficient planning and control mechanisms,
  • is based on a visualization concept and illustrates,
    • improvement –ideas and results and
    • current and Target states
  • is the base for the regular communication,
  • leads to self discipline amongst the team members and open handling of problems and
  • involvement of the employees and using their potential

Content / Structure

  • Determining objectives of SFM
  • Design and implementation of SFM
  • Management qualification. A continuous exchange of open questions by management and responses of employees, which make apparent problem solving abilities, characterize the conversation at the shop floor; exactly where the problem appeared. This dialogue challenges managers – they may never operate as a
  • „micromanager“. The target of a leader is to enable employee to identify the problem
  • Establishment of a regular communication. Which frequency of meetings between management and employees appears useful to exchange news regarding current problems
  • Definition of operating figures (e.g. SQCDP). Meaningfulness and informative value operating figures, as well as the employees‘ ability to affect the operating figures should be given
  • Visualization concept and establishment of information centers; securing easy handling and updating of operating figures as well as identification of most urgent need for action at a glance

What do you get on top of this?

Our partner, V² Advanced Engineering and Sales GmbH, provides the „Hardware“ for different versions of visualization on a short term basis.