Value Stream Analysisplus Production


Value Stream Analysis is a method to make process chains easily comprehensible through visualization. Based on the philosophy:” …produce as free of waste as possible what customers really need”, the Value Stream Analysis provides an excellent tool to analyze and optimize process chains holistically. Based on a common understanding of processes, challenging targets can be defined and amazing results can be achieved. Value Stream Design provides a reduction of throughput time and inventory and an increase of productivity.

Content / Structure

  • Team building and determination of the area to be analysed; target group: production employees and related areas (process engineering, production scheduling, QM and logistics)
  • Practice related training of all participants
  • Step 1: Definition of the area to be analyzed and data collection
    • Examination of KPIs
    • Identification of appropriate product families
    • Data collection from ramp to ramp
  • Step 2: Capturing the Current-State Map
    • Mapping of all involved participants and process steps of the VM
    • Linkage through material und information flow
    • Calculation of the throughput time and flow-degree
  • Step 3: Analyze the Current-State Map
    • Alignment of production takt with customer takt ? Detection of waste within the Value Chain
    • Critical revision even of value-adding operations
  • Step 4: Design the Target Map and Implementation Steps
    • Application of design principles
    • Development of a detached ideal state (Vision)
    • Development of implementation steps (Target-Value Map)
  • Definition of precise improvement measures and integration into action point lists (due date, responsible, valuation of savings)
  • Periodical reviews in order to track the implementation level and to solve emerging problems
  • Determination of new standards, times, work-operations and translation into system environment



What do you get on top of this?

  • In contrast to the classical value stream analysis we reduce the process times of bottlenecks step by step and increase productivity
  • V² Advanced Development & Sales provides equipment for the optimization of the logistic processes (e.g. Kanban Kits) and supports an optimum Value Stream by quick development and supply of customized Lean Equipment like setup and picking trolleys