LEAN Purchasing


We examine your procurement processes and show you how to be at least 20% faster with no loss of quality. All processes and questions will be screened from the standpoint of customer benefits. Whereby the customers not necessarily need to be the end customer, they can also be a downstream divisions.


Example –  Optimisation of the purchasing department

At over 75% of our customers in purchasing order confirmations are still required, even though there is a range of suppliers with a homonymous order terms. These confirmations are actively requested, furthermore processes are specially installed for this procedure.

Legally, with an offer and order a contract has been concluded. Therefore an order confirmation is not required. Nevertheless, they are actively requested, although no added value is generated.

Scrutinizing processes and check them on meaningfulness lead to leaner processes.


Current State

Collection and storage of order confirmations for each order

Future State

Supplementing the order with an additional paragraph regarding the abandonment of the order confirmation