QuickCheckplus is an instrument to evaluate your company in a neutral way. The analysis focuses on the primary manufacturing and assembly processes, but if needed we also examine supporting processes e.g. logistic, purchasing or process engineering. Areas of activity with short term realization possibilities are identified and evaluated. Additionally we define optimization potentials including pragmatic solutions. The execution period takes time between 2-5 days.

Content / Structure

  • Consignment of a customer questionnaire to collect the main figures and facts of your company
  • Determining the participants for the analysis phase
  • Execution of the analysis (2-5 days):
    • Plant tour
    • Conducting interviews with people in charge of the concerned areas
    • Analysis of exemplary processes by using the U² tools and methods
    • Compiling the key performance indicators
    • Presentation of the status and further coordination
  • Presentation of the QuickCheckplus results:
    • Key performance indicators
    • Evaluation of the areas of activity
    • Time for implementation
    • Optimization potential
    • Pragmatic solutions
  • Definition of the further procedure regarding the implementation of the improvements


What do you get on top of this?

We apply our U² tool and methodology box to optimize the processes systematically without losing our pragmatic approach. The close cooperation with management and workers leads to a high level of acceptance for the solutions and their implementation.