Why We Keep, What We Promise.


Two sides of a coin: Theory and Practice

1997 U² was founded. The reason: The company founders had the ambition not only to offer theoretical consulting services. It was important to them from the beginning, to be judged by the implementation success. U² follows the so-called “lean” approach until today. This represents a lean production, in which all types of waste is avoided. Together with our customers we are on the way to a consequently lean company.


    • U² optimizes processes and products
    • U² favors the maximization of customer benefit
    • U² offers solutions for unconventional and praxis-oriented solutions leading to a large customer acceptance
  • U² is a general contractor specializing in optimization
  • U² listens to its customers
  • U² is attractive for highly skilled people
    U² is always ahead
  • U² is customer oriented
  • U² is reliable
  • U² is professional
  • U² is loyal
  • U² is achievement oriented

U² International

Customer orientation through and through!


Customer orientation is our top priority. This includes not only that we offer you tailor-made solutions from our wide range of products. Moreover, we focus our consultation entirely on your individual needs.

Our team of consultants

The U² core team has its roots in the automotive industry. They experienced the difficult economic situation in that industry during the early 90s. In different departments they actively supported change processes. Nowadays, the core team is augmented by experts from various sectors. The hire requirements are always a process-oriented way of thinking, focus on implementation and the ability to work at any hierarchical level with people.