LEAN Leadership and Culture


Anchoring LEAN in corporate culture sustainably.

The objective is clear: You want to have a slim production with a lean approach – but how to anchor
the approach sustainable? In this process we can support you affectively. With Shop Floor- and Office
Floor Management we establish the necessary management tools in your company. That way you
anchor the LEAN thinking in your corporate culture, with communication, problem solving techniques
and visualization. For that purpose a common development of visions and objectives at management
level is necessary.

KATA encourage leadership competencies

With our methods the organization of your company will be steeped with competencies of improvement and leadership (KATA). Therefore so called Improvement – KATAs and Coaching KATA´s will be applied. In step with actual practice we implement Boards for the Shop Floor, the Office Floor and with a stronger focus on project tracking for Engineering Floor Management in development.
On those Boards we track operating figures which can be influenced by employees themselves. We convey improvement actions of actual problems and teach you problem solving techniques. We communicate while standing, temporally limited and we have an overview at any time thru our visualization.

What benefit do you have?

We strengthen your leadership team and provide the tools they need to create your production
sustainable lean. The board meetings are more than efficient, defined employees in cross-functional
positions like quality management or production participating actively.
Via those boards corporate proposal systems can be controlled and cascaded up to the management