Value Stream Analysisplus Energy and Resources


The necessity to further reduce energy consumption and usage of resources becomes a key issue. Declining productivity and increasing prices of raw material based on the increasing demand move the optimization focus  more in this direction. As energy and raw material count today for 30-80% of production costs, optimization has to start there.

Companies that are investing continuously to improve the energy and material efficiency are able to realize a cost advantage, which will even increase further more than average in the future – and your company helps the environment.

Together with your team, we will develop solution strategies for a more efficient usage of your energy and resources. This will lead into a sustainable improvement of your energy and resources situation.

Content / Structure

  • Definition of targets, team configuration and determination of the area to be analyzed; target group:
  • employees of the analyzed area
  • Step 1: Selection of area and data collection
    • Identification of suitable product families (criteria could be: material, energy and recycling costs)
    • Data collection from ramp to ramp
  • Step 2: Drawing of Current-State Resource Map
    • Projection of process members and process steps
    • Conjunction of material and energy flow
    • Calculation of efficiency factor of energy
  • Step 3: Analysis of Current-State Resource Map
    • Identification of waste origins (Material and Energy flow)
    • Additionally critical reflection of value added steps
  • Step 4: Design of Target-State Map
    • Application of avoidance principles
    • Development of a detached ideal state (Vision)
    • Development of implementation steps and targets (future situation resource map)


What do you get on top of this?

  • Government aid for small and medium size companies can be applied
  • A continuous check of the value chain starting from your sources for energy coming to optimization of value added processes.