AVPplus (Machining Optimization Process)

The module AVP is a method to reduce the manufacturing costs of automated machining equipment on an efficient way.

The goal is to attain a rapid reduction of process times, an extension of tool life cycles and an optimization of clamping devices, embedded in a holistic examination of all involved production processes.

The results are stabilized processes and reduced manufacturing costs. AVP can be applied on processes which are in the planning stage as well as on already implemented processes.



  • Target Group: employees of production engineering, planning and manufacturing
  • Documentation of the initial situation (point of departure) based on key figures
  • Process and workflow analysis through application of video technology
  • Development and description of optimization approaches containing optimization potentials and cost/ benefit analysis
    Identification of optimization potentials in the CNC program, the tooling selection and the clamping devices
  • Adjustment of CNC programs and implementation of simulation runs of the optimized processes
  • Creation of design drafts to adjust or reengineer clamping devices
  • Exploitation of short term improvements, by intervening directly in the operating CNC program
  • Implementation plan, scheduling and tracking of medium term actions
  • Verification on the transferability of the results on further components or machining equipment; evaluation of the overall optimization potentials
  • Definition and implementation of new standards, working instructions and rules for the documentation of modified processes


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