External Transport Management


Since transport management is one of the most expensive fields of logistics, it implies high leverage potentials.   Basis for transport management is the consequent usage of IT. We conduct location analysis based on recorded data and indicate transport strategies  and concepts.

We create an overview of the fleet, the amount of supply, waste disposal and the transport units and -routes. It will be compared, simulated and improved. This leads to optimized material flowcharts, fleet structures, supply and disposal situations.

The target is a recommendation for a decision as well as the implementation of a strategic and operational route planning system for volume adapted usage of vehicle sizes. By selection of suitable warehouse sites and routes, a decrease of the logistic costs can be achieved. The result is an optimized product supply in the shipping department and the warehouse.

Content / Structure

  • Route planning
    • Definition of the requirements for the route planning system
    • Clarification of the required / available interfaces
    • Analysis of the existing fleet structures
    • Identification of possible potentials by introducing a route planning system
    • Selection of appropriate suppliers and decision recommendation
    • Implementation support for the route planning system the transport strategies / concepts
  • Transport strategies / -concepts
    • Implementation of supply strategies as JIT, JIS, Milkrun et cetera.
    • Actual supply situation at the central warehouse and on the side of the customer
    • Performing of time studies during machine downtimes
    • (loading/ unloading of material)
    • Analysis of the actual fleet structure
    • Development of alternative distribution strategies
    • Assessment of the fleet processes and weakpoint analysis
    • Ratio between company fleet and external fleet


What do you get on top of this?

Due to the usage of our U² tools and methods we proceed systematically without losing our pragmatic view on the design of the processes.