Warehouse Management


Increase your warehouse productivity by introducing an efficient warehouse management!

Our goal: to have the right product at the right time in the correct location in perfect condition for minimal costs. It is well known, that there is often a big difference between theoretical approach and reality – our team is coming from the practical world looking at your warehouse processes on a holistic scale – taking into consideration warehouse dimension, warehouse and efficient picking processes.

We analyze and optimize warehouse strategies – existing techniques for picking will be questioned. The warehouse capacity will be compared with the real needs and then optimized.

The main lever in warehouse management is cost of capital and process costs. For parts clustered in the AXfamily there is for example the possibility for consignment stock or JIT deliveries in order to reduce cost of capital.

In contrast to A parts, the price for C parts account only for 20% of the costs whereas 80% of the costs are pure procurement costs (inventory management, ordering, price comparison, storage and removal). At those 80% (four times the value of goods) warehouse management starts with easy self-controlled processes e.g. Kanban.

Content / Structure

  • Weak point analysis of warehouse processes, e.g. analysis of fast and slow moving parts with help of ABC/XYZ analysis tool
  • Definition of suitable order structures (e.g. time point or time rhythm method)
  • Definition of suitable safety and reorder stock level
  • Stock cleaning (obsolete material) and spare parts stock strategy
  • Introduction of suitable warehouse concepts (e.g. consignment stock)
  • Check of different warehouse system (e.g. drive through racks, block storage)
  • Critical check of existing internal and external control systems (e.g. Kanban or supplier Kaban)
  • Introduction of efficient internal and external transportation concepts, e.g. Milkrun
  • IT system integration of newly introduced processes
  • Analysis of existing picking systems (Worker to product / Product to worker) and IT technology (RFID, Barcode)
  • Optimization and leveling packaging and picking
  • Visualization concepts for warehouse area and work place design


What do you get on top of this?

While creating the optimum for your processes we take a systematical approach without losing our pragmatism. Close coordination with your team will increase acceptance and high implementation speed of the new concepts.